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B.Y.O.S. bring your own sheets

Help us make this Blue Buddha a bit Greener! One of our biggest "waste" issues is in our VERY clean sheets.  We would like to REDUCE our water use by encouraging our clients to bring their own sheets! By bringing your own sheets and them only having one body on them, they will not need to be washed and sanitized every time they are used.  Any twin sized sheet set will work (although we do encourage awesome colors). We are really hopeful that our effort for green living will catch on and carry through to some other parts of all of our lives!

Dermalogica Product of the Month

Dynamic skin recovery spf 30 is a medium weight moisturizer with sun protection for mature or prematurely aging skin. The sun protection factor in this product is 30. What does that mean? The SPF in a product extends the time for you that you can spend in the sun and not burn. Let’s say it takes 20 Minutes for your skin to burn when exposed to sun rays without sun protection. 20 minutes x 30 spf = 600 minutes or 10 hours with reapplying it every 2 hours and more if swimming or sweating. By the way a higher spf does not give you more protection as is commonly believed, it only extends the time you can spend in the sun without burning.

In addition this moisturizer contains ingredients that stimulate collagen synthesis for firmness and hyaluronic acid production for hydration; Yeast extract to help with wound healing and oxygen utilization in the skin and Evening Primrose to restore softness and suppleness to mention just a few.

In short “dynamic skin recovery spf 30” gives you all you need in the summer in one product. No extra application of sun screen needed! The perfect product for the skin health conscious busy person. Apply in the morning after cleansing and toning and know that you are nourishing and protecting your skin from influences that otherwise would accelerate your skin’s aging.

My husband and I thought it was the best massage we ever had. Clean, cute and comfortable place. - Happy Couple

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